Billionaires distribution among countries


Key observations:
  • There are 67 countries with billionaires (if only the United Nations countries are considered). Besides, there are 4 states with billionaires that are not members of the United Nations. These are: Taiwan, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Macau.
  • The richest person in the world is Bill Gates (Microsoft). His net worth is 86 billion USD. The richest European is Amancio Ortega (Zara) with net worth of 71.3 billion USD.
  • The United States of America is a country with the highest number of billionaires (565), while Monaco is a country with the highest number of billionaires per 1 million residents (106, the population of Monaco is 38 thousand people and there are 4 billionaires).
  • The biggest country in terms of population without billionaires is Pakistan (ca. 200 million people).
  • There are 9 countries in the European Union (out of 28) without billionaires. The biggest one is Hungary with population of 10 million people.

Methodology and data source information:
The analysis is based on the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List. Sources: Forbes, World Bank.

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