Top 10 largest companies in the world


Key observations:
  • Headquarters of top 10 companies in the world as measured by revenue are in Asia (4 companies), Europe (3 companies) and North America (3 companies).
  • Five companies from the list of top 10 companies in the world operates in oil and gas sector. There are also two companies from automotive sector. The other three are from retail, utilities and technology sectors.
  • The biggest company in the world is Walmart - the US company that is a chain of hypermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores. Its revenue in 2015 was 482 billion USD. The next three companies on the list are from China: electric utility company (State Grid) and two oil and gas companies (China National Petroleum and Sinopec Group). The biggest European company is Royal Dutch Shell (oil and gas sector).
  • The biggest technology company in the world is Apple, 9th place on the list. At the same time Apple is the biggest company in the world as measured by profits.

Methodology and data source information:
All data is based on the Fortune 2016 Global 500 that is ranking of the largest 500 corporations worldwide as measured by total revenue.

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