Bachelor's graduates in European countries


Key observations:
  • In 2/3 of analysed countries between 0.35% and 0.60% of the population obtained the Bachelor's degree in a given year.
  • The lowest percent of Bachelor's graduates is in Luxembourg (0.11% of population, more than 60% less than in the country with the second lowest value - Serbia: 0.30%). One of the reasons behind it can be short history of higher education in Luxembourg - the first and only public university in Luxembourg was founded in 2003.
  • Countries with the highest percent of Bachelor's graduates are Poland, Ireland and Lithuania (more than 0.8% of population a year). If the rate continues to be high, the question is if there are enough workplaces for Bachelor's graduates in these countries.

Methodology and data source information:
Bachelor's graduates a year as a percent of population for a given country was calculated by dividing the number of Bachelor's graduates in a given year by the population of the country on the 1st January of that year. The source of all data was Eurostat (latest available data).

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